Thursday, March 10, 2016

The 100 word challnge

I think that the one sitting down is from North or South America. because his clothes look similar to what people in america would wear. The one standing up with the hat. I think lives in africa because he's in bare feet would anyone wear bear feet in winter. I think the guy standing up without a hat is from china or asia because  it looks like dressed from that country. Fact that china and asia has a lot of rise. It looks like they're talking about. Like the guy standing up with no hat looks like he's giving rice.

Friday, February 26, 2016

my faverote holiday

My favorite   holiday is crismas. Becase in christmas you get to  give and get presents from people. And santa  gives you presents. If you do not no whoo santa is hes a person hoo gives you presents every chrismas. i think santas real you dont half to but i do!!!!!!m

Cats are Better Than Dogs

People are always saying cats are better or dogs are better. In my opinion there is one pet that is the best.which is the cat.
First reason cats are cheaper than dogs . There like 120$ dogs are like 200.
Second reason they reduce your chance of having a heart attack. Cats have 40% dogs have 10%
third reason cats are super cuttly if you have a cats or a cat just sit on a couch and they'll come and cuddle with you.
Fourth reason you half to pick up dog litter and . As you can see cats are the best pets  in the world.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

the time i went on a rollercoaster

Image result for crazy  coasterWe were at Disneyland. We saw a roller coaster it went up side down loops and twists. We gt on it it said 3 2 1 went slow then blasted on to a loop. And it twisted we went up down. It was fun  we got off my Dad was standing there surprise  I went on it with my step mom it was fun i said. THE END 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

3 of my favorite things to do

My favorite things to do

Sledding. I think sledding is really fun because you get to aim the sled where you wanna go and its fun when you go down.

Another one is eating becase you get to eat yummy things like spaghetti.

Playing with cats is one of my faverote things to do becase cats are so cute to me and there cuddley.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm reading a book called A to Z Mysteries.   I'm on book E. Its called The Empty Envelope. It's about Dink gets a letter that's not his. This person called and said she would come over to get the letters. She came over but they could not find the letters. So she said she would come at 6:00. They found the letter and they figured out it's stolen and arrested her. characters  Dink, Ruth Rose, and Josh. I hope you like it.